HPI Bullet ST 3.0 RTR (2.4GHz)

Part No: 110660

The massively popular HPI Bullet ST 3.0 has been updated with an all-new look, and this super tough off-road fun machine is ready for action at your command!The Bullet ST 3.0 can blast through any typ...

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The massively popular HPI Bullet ST 3.0 has been updated with an all-new look, and this super tough off-road fun machine is ready for action at your command!

The Bullet ST 3.0 can blast through any type of terrain thanks to the immense power of its HPI Nitro Star G3.0 engine and a durable 4WD drivetrain. Getting to awesome speeds and catching massive air has never been more fun! The durable, robust design of the Bullet means it can take hard landings and rough action so you can enjoy big air, hard-hitting action whenever and wherever you want!

Underneath the brand new paint scheme, the Bullet 3.0 trucks have a rugged 8-shock double-wishbone suspension, tough shaft drive, metal gear diffs and reliable 2.4GHz radio system. All you need to provide is fuel for the engine and nerves of steel to control the powerful Bullet 3.0!

2.4GHz Radio System
All HPI kits are fitted with a comfortable and feature-packed HPI 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence! The radio features a pistol-grip design with a realistic steering wheel, servo reversing and steering dual rate. It's also extremely lightweight due to it requiring only four AA batteries. You won't have to worry about radio crystals or what channel other RC racers are using with our 2.4GHz technology - the radio does all that work for you! The radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically and changes channels if there is any interference. Finally, if you ever lose radio signal, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. You'll have professional-level control in one easy RTR package!

Double Shocks at Each Corner
8 extra-long shock absorbers control the damping on the Bullet 3.0, and are precisely filled with oil for exceptional handling in turns and cushioning when landing big jumps. With big coil-over springs they are the perfect match to the long suspension arms! The shocks are customizable with HPI oils and springs, as well as different shock mount locations.

Rugged All-Terrain Tires
The extra cool-looking all-terrain tires will provide an amazing amount of grip on loose or hard-packed dirt, grass, mud and more. The sturdy Ammunition tires are perfect for loose dirt, wet mud and work great even on dry tarmac, so you can hit any driving surface with confidence and assurance. The tires are securely glued to black chrome coated wheels for extra style points!

 • Displacement: 3.01cc (0.18 cubic inch)
 • Bore: 16.8mm
 • Stroke: 13.6mm
 • Power: 2.2hp @ 31,000 RPM
 • Maximum RPM: 32,000 RPM
 • Carburetor: F2-6.5 (Composite 6.5mm), slide-type with twin needle adjustments
 • ABC components: aluminium piston with chrome-plated brass sleeve or cylinder
 • 2-piece racing clutch
 • 75cc fuel tank
 • Aluminium heat sink
 • Dual-element oiled foam air filter with rain cover

What You Need:
• Nitro Car Fuel - HPI Power Fuel recommended!
• Fuel Bottle - #74115 500cc Fuel Bottle recommended!
• Glow Plug Igniter